I started out w/ Zio Corpo


I started out w/ Zio Corporation RealTime Video EVE, but that program was horrible. Really bad quality video. I made a VCD, and the framerate was awful, and every few seconds it would skip frames.

Then I went to Pinnacle Studios 9.4.3. The quality was loads better, but I couldn’t get any sound out of the DVC 80 that was bundled with the software. Also, the program kept shutting down during rendering–it ruined a 15 minute video that took me hours to make…AARRGG!!!

Finally I use Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5.1 now, and couldn’t be happier…quality is amazing, and the different transitions and effects are great!

…One other thing–I HATED how Pinnacle had all these great transitions and effects, but you had to spend loads more money to unlock them!!!!

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