I started my outfit with S


I started my outfit with SBA assistance. They helped me put together a solid business plan and really helped me understand the business side of what I wanted to do. I was able to get a Lawyer onboard for cheap and have my taxes worked on by a pro accounting firm. That said, having the BP was a good exercise in getting into business and understanding what needed to be done.

On the flipside, just as Grinner implied I ‘had to adapt.’ Despite my solid research and ‘SBA Approved’ BP, nobody was going to lend me money despite my experience and contacts. So by financing it myself, I slowly began to build my business. Now, some fortunate things happened enabling me to get equipment because I had taken all the previous steps in starting my business and I was able to take full advantage of them. Even so, it all came down to slogging it out to get gigs and build my reel and rep. Which by the way, is an ongoing process. So for me having ‘both’ made the difference.

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