I sooooo agree with Compos


I sooooo agree with Composite1 here. It should be your gear that limits you, not your skills.

When I was a professional photographer (another life – early 70’s), I was always given crap because I could only afford Canon gear (not the Nikons the other pros used). Well, as it turns out, I could have outshot some of those clowns with a Brownie. It’s not how good your equipment is, it;s how good you can use what you have.

Just this week, I was complimented by many on a production I did (shot with a consumer level camera) and how much better it was than their regular guy’s work (who shoots with a very pricey professional camera). Same stuff.

To reiterate again (yes, I know that’s redundant – making a point here) – When COmposite1 said to master your equipment before moving on, he was speaking great pearls of wisdom!

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