I sometimes have to record

AvatarDamian Lloyd

I sometimes have to record narration, but I’m an amateur videographer and not an amateur sound recordist. What I do: the narrator speaks into my Shure SM58 microphone, which goes through my Mackie 1402-VLZ3 mixer (I can boost the audio or avoid clipping — very handy with soft-spoken or loud individuals), then into my Canon XL2. Then I capture the tape as usual, discard the (blank) video track, and voila! I have found that using this method yields better audio than recording through my computer’s sound card, and I already have all the equipment, so there’s no extra expenditure. And it’s portable.

As for an accoustically-good room: I may have been known to sneak up to my local university’s Music Department. They have small rehearsal rooms for the students studying Voice, and these are just big enough and often vacant in the evenings. Better if you know a student or otherwise have permission, of course.

Hardly a professional solution, but it works.

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