I snagged some video last


I snagged some video last weekend of the local tornado damage with the Protune update and no color correction applied if anyone is interested to see what it looks like.  This has been around for a while now, but seems they finally got the bugs worked out recently to make it work without bricking your GoPro. 




I believe the intention from what I gather was to provide a ‘flatter’ color profile with higher bitrate and 24p options to better enable the GoPro to be used in a ‘film’ project and be matched.  Probably not news to many here, but FYI if you weren’t following it. 


The supposed ‘flat’ color profile actually looks pretty nice played back from Youtube on my 50” Panny plasma. My attempts to arrive at a preset to ballpark post processing need to be revisited.  I bumped saturation and contrast I believe with ‘Procamp’ in Premiere and created a preset that is a bit garish in review.  This is Protune with my previous preset attempt to ‘correct’ it.




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