I showed up outside a chur


I showed up outside a church for a fundraiser video. I wanted twilight, and mass had just gotten out, so there were only a few stragglers. My video was going to have flames (Holy Spirit) and a candle-lit ballerina. The ballerina arrived with several costumes, one of which I picked.

We were attracting a certain amount of attention: some serious equipment, talent with costumes, helpers, cameras pointing at the church. The people who were leaving were glancing frequently at us.

When ballerinas do shows, they wear a body-colored leotard and put their costumes over it. This helps them with their costume changes. As I was answering some lighting questions, out of the corner of my eye I (thought I) saw a nude woman. I turned and it was the ballerina with her body colored leotard putting on her costume. I had already let out a loud “YELP” which had attracted even more attention.

She was laughing at me. Goodness knows what the people leaving church were thinking.

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