I shoot weddings with at


I shoot weddings with at least 4 cameras, two static and two operated. Can use GoPro for static, but 4K is best so you can crop to HD size without losing a pixel of HD resolution. One high in back, either in balcony or on a high tripod. One static behind the alter. Then two operated, one on each side in front 1/3, so you can get face close-ups of bride and groom. Be sure to pan wedding party on each side. Get close-up of ring, but sometimes that’s not possible during the ceremony so stage it after; get so close on putting on the ring(s) one can’t tell it wasn’t live. While there is a lull post ceremony and waiting for reception, have one camera shooting the photos being taken of bride and groom with each family, and have one camera interview guests. Have a set of questions, like what wishes do you have for them, when did you first meet them, tell me your favorite story about (bride) groom. Keep both cameras going during reception. Get lots of close-ups and b-roll, not just the action. Get many angles, like feet walking, children at their level. Try 4K Wimius for the static cameras, about $70 each on ebay. Not quite as good as GoPro, but 90%, have wifi, and sharp image. If you pay 2nd camera $200, charge $400 extra, etc. Short answer to your question, have lots of memory cards and shoot everything possible. Get a good microphone, but also a wireless lav on groom or minister to capture ceremony and vows. Put a good mic on each camera. Turn off the tally light. Walk around with camera running, but facing down or hanging at side. That way when you pull up to shoot guests won’t think it’s on until they see the red light. Shoot sometimes from the hip. Get more natural shots that way. Get candid shots. You’ll spend many hours editing; just plan on it and charge accordingly. You can make one long DVD with lots of shots that tells the whole day, and one about 10-12 minutes of the highlights for them to share with family, wedding party, and those far away who could not attend. Basically the long one is your first or second edit, then keep cutting. Ask them if they want it on the web, but be careful there of copyrighted commercial music.

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