I setup four Zoom H2 (the


I setup four Zoom H2 (the model I have is discontinued but there are new models to pick from and all are great) on light stands and up high at the sides of the stage area. Two are set for 120 degrees, two at 90 degrees.

I DO NOT use direct feed from house boards to my cameras as having to replace blown circuits resulting from people who don’t know their boards put an end to thta (and MOST of them don’t, or don’t care, or think they’re doing you enough of a favor by allowing you to hookup, so when they’re lost in their REAL responsibilities they might overload, mess with the levels or cut you out altogether). But I do use an H2 with necessary adapters, connected there to gain THAT option in post editing.

Between the on-camera mics, the stage access H2’s and the board (sometimes) sourced H2, I have the audio I need to make the adjustments I want in post editing. A LOT of trouble, I’ll tell you, but usually worth it in the overall improvement in audio quality.

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