I set myself apart from my


I set myself apart from my competitors by means of customer service. I knew that my equipment wouldn’t be able to compete in every situation, and my experience may not hold up against some of the more established companies in the area. One of the key ways of accomplishing good CS is by making the customer feel apart of the process in every turn (for me, at least), and so I consistently post and update a company blog that focusses only on the operation and projects of the business. Sometimes I can’t always get around to posting a full blog entry about a day of shooting, location, etc. So I have put a Twitter widget on the blog page of my website that I can update from my phone and it allows me to keep my clients aware of my activities in those times between blog posts. I am very careful not to post anything other than professional and business-related “tweets” because like was said earlier, “I just had a taco now I’m going to take a shower.” – doesn’t accomplish anything. I feel as though it’s just a way to make the client or potential client feel more connected to me and the business.

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