I see where you’re going.


I see where you’re going. download speed and file size could still be an issue (especially with some of the older folks) You can set up a paypal button with an auto responder to email them the link. I remember doing this a number of years ago before I started using a duplicator and having them handle the sale. (now I just get a monthly check from the DVD sales)

You could offer a streaming version WMV, Flash or QT and again send the link via the paypal button, they would then only the really computer savvy would be able to download. One caveat there is if you hosted the video yourself, and it was viewed multiple times, it could really eat into your hosting bandwidth (the main reason I was thinking of an on-demand solution, hosted by someone else ;-D )

another thought would be to upload it to Youtube as unlisted (only those with the url can find it) use the paypal button for payment and auto responder. You could also offer the DVD sale as well. I would imagine a number of the old folks in the market would rather watch on their TV than computer screen.

Hope that helps (it did for me just thinking about it)


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