I see – I guess the only


I see – I guess the only killer is time. You could possibly experiment with file splitters, that are downloadable, and they tend to allow you to split a file in two, and then they re-insert the correct opening and closing headers. You then delete the first one, and then split the second, chopping off the end. These should do what you want – then you go into the editor for your proper, accurate and precise adjustments. Using your real editor for this process normally means processing the entire thing, creating nice secondary files for clips and audio waveforms etc – hence the big files and long processing times. The file splitters just .. split. I can't recommend a good one because I don't use them myself. It could be worth trying some to see if they work for you. Just make sure they can work in the native format you are shooting in. Some, I understand, can't do HD, others only output in a compressed format – which then means you may have compromised quality. Try and see is the best advice.


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