I see all the points you


I see all the points you talking about and agree with them, i just today got my gh3 and tomorrow im going to buy a lense , i film mostly skating so the first one will be fisheye, the 7.5 ronikon/samyuang, or 8mm panny, I also would like good XLR audio but its not as important to me right now as video is.  I know the previous version GH2 was one the top most used camera's for pro-filmer for skating, also i know and have seen several movies that were completely filmed with it, i have 30 days so just as with you , if i don't like it for what i need, i will return it , ill post some videos after i use it for couple days,  but its like what you said, lenses can add up thousands of dollars and with that money i could have gotten a better one mabey you know.

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