I searched our forums, and


I searched our forums, and found a possible answer in a comment:

“I had this problem with Premiere Pro CS4, and it was frustrating me greatly. The more I edited and the further along I got, the more audio got out of sync with the video.Turns out, it was the format it was in; Premiere Pro does NOT like .m2ts, (the native Blu-ray format) I recorded in regular AVCHD which is a .ts file that my Hauppauge HD PVR can also record to, tried importing it into Premiere Pro, and D’OH! PPCS4 doesn’t support .ts. Great. I decided to try renaming it to .mts, which is supported and as far as I know, the same format and wrapper as .ts. It worked beautifully. All my audio sync problems disappeared. You could try converting to AVCHD and giving it a .mts extension.”

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