I saw "The making of


I saw "The making of The War" on PBS a few weeks ago. In that video, Ken and his team were definitely using a digital NLE editing system. I didn’t see the whole show, so I can’t say if he was still using his trusty film cameras, but I would assume that he probably still does. If I had a nice film camera and the budget to develop the film, I would definitely be using it.

From what I saw in the making of, he was indeed using a few special effects in the NLE he was using (which was most likely Avid, from the looks of it).

The guy is an incredible visionary, and I have to admit that I try to clone a lot of his techniques in my own work when I can. We just downgraded to a TV that doesn’t pick up PBS, so I can’t watch the series at this time, but my best advice to anyone who can tune in would be to do it. Pay close attention to what he does and how he does it. As interesting as he makes his subject matter, I almost always find myself watching his production style more than the show itself.

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