I saw on Fox News this mor


I saw on Fox News this morning an item about the “worlds worst wedding video”. It showed the feet of the participants and everything you don’t want in a video. I think what actually happened is that the videographer thought the camera was off and it was on. So, when he pressed the button to turn it on, he actually turned it off. The result was no good shots and only shots of the floor etc.

Sounds stupid, but I can tell you it is an easy mistake to make – from personal experience! So, I can understand how getting the frame settings wrong could happen (done that too!).

For me, the real fix has been to be extremely methodical: check every piece of gear before going on assignment. Be sure all batteries are charged and you have at least 50% extra battery power. Pre label your blank tapes/chips and have at least 50% more than you think will be needed.

The sobering thought on the Fox story is that the videographer charged $500 for the shoot but was being sued for $1000.


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