I roll with 2 "consu


I roll with

2 "consumer" camcorders – low light action (working in the light of someone’s home) is often more useful than quality -I still use old TRV 900s

a small 1/2 rack with:

2 DVD recorders, one Polaroid Hard Drive recorder, 2 VHS recorders – you keep the HD copy, each attorney gets 1 VHS and 1 DVD

small pack of 500w lights

table PZM mic (channel 1) and shotgun/camera mic (channel 2)

clock for the table with both date and time on it – large BRIGHT LED display readable when placed over the deponee’s shoulder

show up with the rack wired and (if you’re a geek like me) the tripods are actually monopods strapped to the rack…with fold out feet that mean they could stand on their own

both cameras are rolling simultaneously, tripod-locked on to the deponee (the one answering questions), each recording to its own tape (back EVERYTHING up). Date/time stamp is turned on if possible.

Bill all this at $100/hr and consider it a win – $600/half day and $1,000 full day. Do it 4 days a week and take long weekends!

Make sure you also offer courtroom playback – own or be able to rent 32" lcds, and have a PC with software for playing back every format of document.

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