I respectfully disagree, R


I respectfully disagree, Richard.

You need really good comedy skills to select the right laugh track, hit the timing cues, and adjust the volume so that the viewer gets a believable ambience that doesn’t disrupt the flow of the talents dialogue….

That menas you really need to know your audience and your talent and your comedy.

you might get “Rolling in the aisles” laughter from the word “Booger” for five year olds audience, but Dr Phil’s audience won’t even chuckle…..

If your talent says something really funny in front of a live audience, he might actually pause and wait for the laughter to abate before continuing…. but if you are adding laugh tracks your talent might not pause, and if there is ambient music/noise/visual flow to the project, you might not be able to cutaway to add laughter, without drowning out something important.

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