I researched the industry,


I researched the industry, Hollywood that is, to find out what their standard was. I chose not to follow the typical plain-jane videographer choices. Avid IS the Hollywood standard, bar none.

My second criteria was to make sure that I could find good quality training on DVD that would throughly explain how to use each and every feature. I purchased training from two sources: likeamedia.com training by Andy Jenkins (2 DVDs), and the entire 4-DVD set by Steve Bayes sold on desktopimages.com.

My third criteria was that I wanted my editing system to be scalable, so that when I expand my business to the point where I have a 100 editors working for me, I can still work in the same family of products. Avid leads all of the rest.

If you can only get one training program, get Steve’s. Steve knows his stuff. He should! He was an Avid Program Designer for 8 years, He’ll show you how to edit a 4-camera 30-minute segment in less than an hour. This one feature alone makes Avid the Hands down winner. Additionally, there seems to be more plug-ins for Avid than the others including Adobe. Having said that, I also use all of the Adobe products EXCEPT Premier.

You won’t go wrong with Avid, but if you’re going to spend the money, get Xpress Pro. Don’t stop at DV.

Here’s a Tip: If you’re looking to buy ANY software, check eBay first. I purchased nearly ALL of my software there, as well as most of my camera & lighting equipment there, saving over 50% Off the Retail cost.

Good luck,

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