I research the heck out of


I research the heck out of video editing apps before deciding on one platform to use… and here is what I concluded….

1… at work we are a PC shop… so that leaned me towards premiere
2… I don’t care WHAT you do in terms of video editing 3d animation or compositing… it ALL starts with photoshop.. an adobe product
3…. Most of the people I know using final cut still use After Effects.. I’m not too familiar with Apple motion but it doesn’t seem to have the market share After Effect does.. so there is Adobe product #2
4…. I LOVE the ablility to output to a PDF file with the new "clip notes" feature..
5.. adobe bridge "KICKS SERIOUS BOOTY" I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to be able to work in two or three apps all at the same time and all dynamically updating each other… it’s saved me HOURS of critical time

the platform has been TOTALLY stable and incredibly versitile.. and the new interface is great.. now i get to use all my adobe apps tightly integrated in a stable enviroment with all the professional features of final cut…

you can go to final cut if you want.. There is no arguing the fact that they have the market share.. and
I’m sure the power of OS10 will allow you to jump between application and constantly resave, reimport and rerender pretty quickly.. but me personally.. I found everything ineeded in premiere pro 2.0

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