I remember back in the day


I remember back in the days when I was a professional photographer (news), I couldn’t afford the same gear as many others when I started out so I used what I could afford (Canon FX and then a Ftb-n – finally after years moving up to the F-1) and was able to get many front page photo’s with it (including a NY Post front page).

What matters is not the technology, as that changes fairly quickly and three chip cameras do not make a good videographer (or even a better camera – Look at the Red One). Just this weekend I was at my step-daughters competition (she is in the marching band’s color guard) and there were “professionals” using high end pro cameras and when we viewed the DVD of their perfomance, it was horrible – constant zooms, shakiness, panning all over the place every three seconds, etc…

I used to tell folks I could outshoot them using a Brownie and am pretty confident that was the case – Sure I’d love a Sony PMW-EX3 or Z1U at least but I cannot afford those at this time – But my SR11 gives me better footage than these “pro” cameras give when used by uncle George who claims to be a pro because he has the equipment.

I think it best to hone your skills and go with the best equipment you can afford – Skills are always valuable and grow with you – tools and technology change on a regular basis (did you start on MiniDV, XDCAM, HDCAM, etc… or was it on good old VHS using a tube based camera?).

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