I recommend starting out b


I recommend starting out bymakingexterior shots ofpropertieswith For Sale or Rent signs on them in your own neighborhood and then uploading them to a popularwebsite if you don’t have your own. Includea close-up of thesign andcall up the owner or broker advertising theproperty to let them know you are showing a free video of it on the Internet aspart of your own video promotion and advertising campaign.

Your initial object is just to get a small portfolio of exterior shots of properties on a websitein order to show your work, attractsome attentionand get your foot in the door.Some owners and brokers who view them out of curiosity will then ask what you charge for interiorshots. Again, I recommendbuilding up your portfolio byoffering to do them free or for a ridiculously low price that no one could refuse. How you advertise, promote and build up your business is basically up to you though,and I am only relating how I got started last month as you can see onhttp://www.TheRealEstateVideoShow.com

Producing real estate videos for website consumptionis obviously not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you loveviewing thearchitectural design and structure of houses and buildings in their natural settings or local environments, as I do,I see no reason why producers of fine real estate videos cannot consider their work a fine art as well as a happy and profitable one.

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