I recommend PD170 or VX210


I recommend PD170 or VX2100 for weddings, but I don’t (yet) own a PD170 – just a couple of VX2100s. Auto white balance has been surprisingly good, but some of the dimmer receptions and those with lots of colored lights need a manual setting. Since I don’t carry a white board with me, I usually just set to incandescent and make any necessary adjustments in post. Occasionally, I’ve zoomed in on the gown and balanced to that. These techniques have worked really well for me.

I try to make it a habit to not take anything for granted, so I haven’t tried the "hold" feature and don’t intend to. I’m constantly double-checking (and often changing) my settings (especially focus and exposure) and trying to stay conscious of changes in lighting, background, etc.

I think videographers frequently forget that they are in charge of focus, exposure, white balance, etc. and concentrate solely on framing and zooming in on the current action. I try my best to avoid that oversight.

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