…I reckon hard drive st


…I reckon hard drive storage will take over from tape and HDDdue to customer demand for convenience…

Ithink HDD and hard drive storage are one and the same. Am I wrong? Doesn’t HDD stand forHard Disk Drive?

Hewho, I use my computer for archiving Flash/SD cardfootage. Everytime I need to use my camera, I just empty it off onto my computer drive. My SD card is usually empty, then. I don’t have the money to buy another SD card and it makes me edit my footage quickly and shoot only what I need. Also, bad footage is deleted from my computer VERY SOON. what do you do?

My opinion is that tape is a little wasteful. after all, you don’t use every single frame possible on each tape do you? Also, what use is archiving by keeping all these little tapes around? or SD cards for that matter? I’d lose the tape and so would (and do)some videographers I know. Keeping only the stuff you need on the computer is easier and saves space.

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