I recently used Windows Me


I recently used Windows Media Player to broadcast a company event to 85 PCs in 3 branches. All that was needed was for me to download Windows Media Encoder 9 Series (free) and install it on my machine.

Once I connected the camcorder to the computer (did this via firewire) the program was offered in the list that pops up whenever you hook a camera up or insert a CD or DVD. Turn on the program, select "Live broadcast" and you can select from a list on how high, medium or low of a quality you’d like the picture to be and also select what kind of audio quality you’d like. I selected "broadcast video" and "voice quality" and together that was about 275kbps.

All the staff had to do was to launch Windows Media Player on their own PCs, go to File | Open URL and I supplied them with the URL of my PC (the I.P. address) which ended with a colon and then the port number through which the media was being sent. I was extremely surprised at how simple it was.

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