I recently purchased a VX2


I recently purchased a VX2100 after doing hours and hours of research for my new videography buisness… and I am extremly pleased with the results so far. The video quaility is superb, the audio is good, even the tape speed (fast forward/rewind) is almost twice as fast as my old camera (Sony TRV740). The controls that need to be adjusted at a moment’s notice are always at your finger tips — no touch-screen menus or anything to go through (for the most part). The only thing I dislike about it is the focus and zoom controls on the lense… due to the fact that it is all electronic and not directly linked to mechanics, there is a slight delay when you try to zoom or focus quickly (only from the lense… not at the back of the camera — those work to perfection).
The thing is built like a rock… it has a very solid feel to it and the hybrid LCD screen is far superior to any other screen I have ever seen on a camera. If I had the chance to go back and buy a camera again — I would still choose this one.
Highly recomended.

-Chris Bryant
Bryant Productions

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