I recently cut some footag


I recently cut some footage on a friends $488 E-machine from Wal-Mart. It wasn’t as smooth as my custom built pc or as fast, but I didn’t expect it to either, but I have to say that for the money, I’d be able to tolerate it and still have fun cutting video.

RAM is cheap these days even for the low latency RAM, I’d actually go with a minimum of 1GB Ram, and a 2ghz or higher processor. I wouldn’t worry much about a high end graphics card unless you plan on doing some heavy CG or animations. You can get a fine all around graphics card for under $200. Hard drives, 160gb system, and a 250gb+ dedicated video storage with a Serial ATA connection and minimum 7200rpm. That should get you started.

Check out Cyberpower or Ibuypower and run the configurator to get an idea for a custom built.

Or check out TigerDirect barebones sytems as a base to build on. You’ll want to start with the 775 mother board for an intel based sytem. Some of the barebones include the processor and RAM.

I don’t want to bash Dell or anything, but every Dell I’ve had (3) have been well problematic. Dell also uses proprietary parts in the buldup making standard upgrades a hassle without buying the Dell branded parts.

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