I received my Canon XA20 from

AvatarMatt Wolfskill

I received my Canon XA20 from B&H the first week in July.


While testing it out, I found something unexpected with the audio.


I contacted Canon Tech Support and explained that, when monitoring a recording with headphones, there is a slight delay in the sound. It is a little "behind" the video.


I explained this slight delay was present in both mono and stereo mode, using either the built-in mics or external shotguns. So, regardless of the source, it's still there.


On playback, the slight delay is gone. The video and audio match and are in sync.


I told the tech I'm using Sennheiser HD 25 headphones, which I have had for years, and never heard this slight delay with other videocams when recording.


The tech suggested I try another pair of headphones, which I did, but that didn't change the outcome. There was still that slight delay.


The XA20 has only been available for a few weeks and Canon probably doesn't have a whole lot of feedback from other owners at this point.


In the meantime, if anyone is experiencing a similar issue, please let me know.


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