I read through your post a


I read through your post and I have to say that more of what I shoot today is HD. I started with the FX1 which by the way is/was and still isa great camera. Once my clients have seen HD theres no going back. Sony makes quality gearpriced atprosumer as well as Progear and has lead the pack in technologies. I’m sure everyone has an opinion here since your on the Sony forum Im assuming you want to go with Sony. Right now XDCAM is on my wish list. Now have I looked at other cameras u bet. The new Panasonic AG-HMC150reviewed right here on Videomaker looks real enticing.

About editing you can end up spending the same amount or more for a NLE work station. I have 3 Dells 4gig memory 1 terabyte in each,

I swear some days it just dosen’t seem fast enough. Then youve got editing software. I use a combination of them depending on what I want to kick out and the quality. The first editing pkg I had was Ulead Studio and Pinnacle’s Studio 9 or was it 10 and of course in no time they both pushed out upgrades for editing HD. Did I jump for joy NO.

Try puttinga 30 minute length of video that you want with additional overlays and titling and the next sequence of video and start adding transitions and effects and…… Well it’s great for doing short 3- 5 minute pieces if your just doing some web stuff or you like youtube video.

So next comes the systems above and the Adobe Premire Production Suite CS3 and plugins

Your friend abovehad some solid advice,start with something versatile used is hard to dobut you can try renting a couple to see what you think about them. Today I want 24p 1080i/60p 30p film like etc. it’s not cheap but boy has it all come down price. Theres a new sony FX1000 also on review here which is to replace the FX7 It’s amazing to me that I still see the FX1 for as much as 3,000. My bet is that your going to see some great prices real soon……….that is if you can stand the wait I never can.

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