I read the article and it


I read the article and it seems that as usual the inherent problem lay with human retardation, laziness and corruption. Build a city atop loose volcanic pumice and then not maintain or properly build a water system within the soil. When it rains and pipes burst, don’t bother to go down and fix them, just hope ‘it takes care of itself’. Why does it always take a big G-damned hole or a hemorrhaging ‘Oil Volcano’ disaster before we take a serious look at what we are doing? I am by no means a ‘tree-hugger’, but I happen to like having solid ground beneath me, air that I don’t need to chew like jerky, water that won’t stand a car up if you tossed it in and on occasion shrimp and oysters that don’t taste like what I just cleaned out of my car’s engine.

I like money too, but I also recognize that you can’t breathe it, drink it or make it into a tasty and nutritious stew. Yet there are people out there running these outfits that are poisoning everything in the name of Mammon. I really don’t want to have to spend my time hunting cats and keeping an eye out for my ‘neighbors’ who think I’d make a fine fricassee’ like Denzel Washington had to in “The Book of Eli”. But man, it just seems like there are hordes of folks who don’t seem to have a problem with us heading down that path.

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The best lights for video production — 2021

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