I rather like it! Quite a


I rather like it! Quite a neat solution to the need to get the camera up. The two canon cameras are pleasant enough – most people would be quite happy. I have a number of very expensive, pro cameras but still use a small handicam size camera for all sorts of things. A couple of things come to mind, but the main thing is the headload. As the weight of the camera goes up, the wobble you experience will get much worse. In still conditions, I'd guess it will be fine. How does your existing setup cope with being zoomed in. Looking at the linkage, does it not suffer from wind up? So you put pressure on the pan, and nothing happens, but suddenly the friction is overcome and it suddenly moves? You might find one of the cheap post heads that let the camera rotate about it's CoG could be better?


The actual format that you upload is the subject of much agreement (and disagreement) Youtube and Vimeo both treat whatever you upload to make it more friendly for them to stream, and in general it means some degredation, although you need to try and experiment. Much depends on your editing software. Some can render out your video in a number of formats, but some are more limited. You find plenty will produce videos with .mov, .wmv .mpg or .mp4 – this doesn't actually mean much because these are standardised 'wrappers' and the format of the content can be good or bad.


For vimeo and youtube, I'm currently using an H.264 preset that Adobe Premiere has plenty of. It works for me.In general, the quality on your Mac won't be what people see – they see the end product after uploading. In general, the bigger the file size, the more Youtube/Vimeo have to play with getting it ready to stream. If you have fibre internet, then I don't worry too much now about file size. With slow internet, it could be different. 


Can we see the kinds of shots your gizmo can produce, we'd be very interested. I actually have a couple of Manffotto metal sturdy stands for big lights. I'm thinking I might try something similar?

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