I ran into that with a so-


I ran into that with a so-called “professional” event video services provider/company who wanted to pay me $225 flat fee for a wedding production of less than two hours finished length. I agreed, telling the owner that this was a “get acquainted” project and we’d take it from there, maybe, but that there was no way I was going to commit to a flat fee of $225 unless the current project was pristine, well at least darn near perfect audio/video.

Pretty much what you described and I gave them the best miracles I could come up with. He was excited and said he’d LOVE to continue working with me as his “go to” editor. I asked him if I could critique the shooting and make some suggestions that might help save HIM money, an ME time in the editing, and he said “sure”. So I did.

I was blunt and brutally honest in my assessments, but tried to convey the points with as much professional decorum as possible. I also advised that I WOULD NOT be willing to edit another project if it was of the same level of (lack of) quality as the “trial” one, and that he was to consider my BOTTOM rate $350, provided the quality was good enough that I didn’t have to spend HOURS correcting or trying to correct issues with the audio or footage.

Never heard another word. Found out later, from a mutual acquaintance, that my client WAS the shooter and just getting started by piggy-backing his established photographer dad’s client roster. Maybe he’s better now πŸ˜‰

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