I purchased the H4 after r


I purchased the H4 after reading the review in vidmaker. I wanted to have some extra audio to use , I had not seen this thread about the sync. problems . Lucky for me I only needed extra sound track material. I did go to the Zoom Corp. web site to see if this issue had been addressed and the new System version update 1.30 added 3-30-07 says;
The latest System version 1.30 is released. The major changes from previous version are as follows.

Supported Windows Vista for USB audio interface/USB card reader function.

Deleted host PC select function, as we found problems in added Win mode at Ver1.10, intended stop in recording or out of sync happen depending on performance of PC, when using downloaded ASIO driver from our website.

… So I guess that if you are on windows you have a problem with snyc.? well I could not get my H4 to update to version 1.30 πŸ™ after some e-mails (3) πŸ˜• I was told that the update is sent to your SD card as a Zip file that has to be extracted before the H4 will update.
So now I have Version 1.30 software running in the H4 πŸ˜€ I hope that I can save someone out there an hour of time by posting the experience that I have had with the H4 and the zoom corp. web site πŸ˜‰ … CB

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