“. . . I purchased a new F


“. . . I purchased a new FS-H200 Pro (made by Focus Enhancements) video recording device. It cost about $900. The FS-H200 Pro can be used to record both SD and HD via the Firewire Port. I wonder if it would work with the HVX200A??? Any ideas on this?? “

I don’t know anything about said device. Max resolution on the HVX creates a 100mb stream. I seem to recall something being said in the manual about being able to record directly via Firewire . . . not sure.

” . . . If I remember correctly, the HVX200A has two P2 slots. If so, can it successfully record on two 64 GB P2 cards without having to switch out any of the cards???”

Yes, given that apair of clean, formatted P-2 cards are inserted into the camera, it will fill one card and then automatically switch to the other.

Rick Crampton

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