I preferr not to do alot o


I preferr not to do alot of panning and zooming with my video camera if I can avoid it…. my equipment and tripods are too light to get the best results..

I do like to use my dslr and with landscapes ‘stitched” panoramas and then use “Ken Burns” styled pans and zooms on the still images… I get much better results that way…

as a general rule, I use whichever medium tells the story best… a video clip of a stationary object is kinda boring… but for example, placing a still image (even if it is panned or zoomed in post) over a video clip can help the video clip… for me having my photographer assistant walk into my video during a wedding ceremony is not a problem… She walks in, grabs a nice shot and walks out…now I have her still image she took and guess where that gets used? right.. I cut in on the section of video where she enters and paste a still or a video pan of the still she shot right there, to cut her intrusion into the video out, and replace it with a detail illustrating image she shot. it is a nice way to cut out or transition camera movements and scene changes…

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