I potentially have a budge


I potentially have a budget higher than 1000 and lower than 2000, its just that all the camcorders I have seen in that range are like much larger more professional kinds. Not many high quality hand helds, although I have read about a few really neat hand helds coming out in japan in that 1000+ price range.

I assume you were referring to namely a Sony SV2100, which looks great in features, but I just can’t handle the size. Also this is won’t be for professional use. Mostly just a hobby I want to take up…

I see your point on the SD/HDD based camcorders. The only real reason I wanted to go with one of those is because I would only connect the camera through firewire. I have an iMac which uses a slot loading method for taking in cd’s, and the mini dvd’s are not supported.

So any mid to high end compact camcorders preferably with image stabilization and low light features is what I am looking for, if that clears anything up.

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