I posted that link. For me


I posted that link. For me, this tripod works very well. I’ve used it for a couple of professional shoots now and it is everything I need. Like you, I don’t need a dolly – but I’ve got one! A word on the dolly, you really have to be on a smooth surface to get a nice traveling shot.

I’m using a VX2100 (which is basically the same camera you are using, and I also use a JuicedLink mixer (which is similar to the Beachtek that you use). As far as the telescoping legs, they work – so I don’t have any issues although the vast majority of opinions encourage the crutch syle, but like you I’m not completely sure why.

I chose this tripod for it’s incredibly smooth pans and tilts and for the double strut leg construction. It also comes with a very nice padded bag and an extra mounting plate.

There are most likely many wonderful tripods in the price range that you are looking in, but I can only offer my review of the one I own. I hope you get more replies about other models.

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