“I pointed out, then, that


“I pointed out, then, that they DO pay their legal member to do legal
work for them, that they do pay their accountant member to account, and
that they do pay their webmaster to master the web.”

Madame Chick’

Thanks for promoting some of the BS comments I’ve heard over the years to your ‘Glory Wall’. Maybe someone else will see them and heed their warnings. Your comment really sums up the BS mentality many clients have about what we do. Everyone in business understands why you have an accountant (pay now, save later), why you need a webmaster (must maintain presence on web to attract money) but for because any jack@$$ can go out an shoot a picture or video, they can’t understand why they should pay their photographers and videographers. There is this weird disconnect that is lost somewhere in their minds. Nobody wants to hire your cousin to do your business taxes unless they’re a pro. Nobody wants some hobbyist doing their high-end business website, yet they are more than willing to turn over their photographic and video needs to non-pros in a heartbeat. Then they can’t understand why their final product looks like ‘shineola’.

Now, clients who understand all of this are treasures and should be treated as such. The only drawback with them (if you can call it that) is everytime you do a project for them the bar gets raised. Should you find yourself unable to outmatch your latest work, you run the risk of losing said clients.

Concerning your tale of whoa (as in stop doing that), don’t take it the wrong way but churches, charities and volunteer organizations suck as clients. Because they are non-profit in nature, their job is to bring in money to further their goals (like we all don’t do that.) They’ll pay for things they feel are important to keeping them operating, but will expect everyone else (including you) to volunteer your time and services. Now, if you understand that going in and have your ‘anti-stinger pad’ on your back (see frog and scorpion fable) and still want to do the work, then do it under the auspices of full control over the ownership of the final product. They aren’t going want to hear that, but you stress since they are not paying you that full payment means full ownership. No pay, no ownership. You’ll be happy to give them ‘permission’ to use it to promote their cause, whatever but if they make any money off of it, you get a predetermined cut of each sale. Most outfits will head for the hills when you lay it out like that. Any that stay and agree, get it in writing and feel free to do the work.

I tell students all the time that this is one of the very few businesses that if you do the work right one time, you’ll get paid forever (ask George Lucas about that.) The hard part is not allowing yourself to get screwed out of that ‘one time’.

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