I played with Pinnacle – G


I played with Pinnacle – Got very frustrated – not by the interface, but by the constant crashing/hanging. I went for the baby Sony product – then called Screenblast Movie Studio, now called Vegas Movie Studio. It was love at first sight – Easy to use, powerful, reasonably priced (sub $100) – got great results from day 1.

I have since moved up to the full blown Vegas+DVD suite and love it more each day. You can find it for around $400 so it’s one of the less expensive full featured NLE’s out there.

As Endeavor said, you’ll get at least 1.25 opinions for every person out there and there is no right or wrong answer – It all depends on your personal taste and ability to learn differing types of systems.

You can download a fully functional thirty day trial of any Sony product here:
so you can play and see if you like it before plunking down your cash.


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