I picked up one through Co


I picked up one through Costco Internet sale(made by Ibuypower) for $1300. Quad core i7, 6GB ram, 1TBhd, Nvidia 9600GT w/1GB onboard and VistaHome Premium 64bit. Very nice machine and hasn’t choked on anything I have thrown at it yet, and I edit in AVCHD. It comes up for sale every once in a while.

If you know what hardware you are looking for, Ibuypower is a neat outfit in that you can select type of pc, then from available hardware “build” your own model. I beleive they give it a 48 hr bench test burn in, after building it,before shipping. The price tag adjusts as you add/adjust items so you can watch/work inyour $limit and adjust acordingly.

I am sure there are other outfits out there that do a similar service, would be a good test for google search.

I use the USB harddrives to store my “stock” footage, pulling in, what I need to edit, onto the internal harddrive to let those sata transfer rateswork for me.

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