I picked up a Microboards


I picked up a Microboards GX Auto printer a while back. There was an issue with it not initializing and I sent it back. They replaced it and it’s worked quite well. Now, you do have to use the supplied printing software to properly align the artwork, but I never use the templates because they’re too boring. It is much simpler to design the artwork in phoshop to size and flatten it down into a jpeg and then import it into the printing software as a picture. If any text is needed, the printing software is good for that. They are a bit on the higher end ($800 – $1k +) but if you’re looking to do runs of less than 200 it’s a pretty good deal.

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Best micro four thirds lenses — 2021

MFT, or micro four thirds, is a popular mount style used by many manufacturers in conjunction with the micro 4/3 sensor. It’s good to keep in mind that micro four thirds camera systems use a smaller sensor.