I personaly prefer Premier


I personaly prefer Premiere Pro. You can get it in a pack for about the same as Final Cut Pro Studio. And the Prodcuction Premeum pack has just about the same feature as Final Cut Studio, and more; including Flash Pro. Or you an buy both individually for about the same price if I’m not mistaken.

My prefrence may be of personal tast though, I have used Final Cut the most, as all of my Universities editing bays are Macs. And after using it alot, and even taking a work shop dedicated to it. I always strugle with it. somethign goes wrong that I didnt expect and I’m left spending hours fixing it. Where I have had no formal training in Premiere and I can get double the work done in the same amount of time. To me its just easier to use, yet both are complex and confusing at first.

In the end its up to you, try tirals for both. its all based on personal tast. And in all truthieness, Final Cut Pro is really just Adobe Premiere with a Mac finish. Good luck to you sir.

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