I own a Canon ZR-60 mini D


I own a Canon ZR-60 mini DV. I’ve been doing a lot of outside filming this winter. I was filming seascapes and snow covered countryside in bright sunlight. My main problem is color bleeding around high contrast edges like ice banks floating on the sea. I’ve tried manual and automatic white balance adjustments but the problem persist. I plan on getting a 3 CCD Canon or Sony cam in the almost near future but for now I have to live with my ZR-60. I will be making a documentary soon and now I’m just practicing with the ZR-60. The documentary will be done eventually withh the 3 CCD cam.

Will a neutral filter do the trick or is there more to it to solve the problem. Will a neutral filter make the colors less saturated, and involve more post editing?

Thanks in advance!

Luc Fontaine

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