I own a Canon HR10 Mini-Dv


I own a Canon HR10 Mini-Dvd Camcorder. It records AVCHD files in the dvd, so i cant play the dvd in a normal dvd player, altough i can play it in a blue-ray player. I never tried to record SD video in the dvd, so with that i can offer no help.

Second, dvd-RW do NOT require the finalization process, and when i finalize a disc it takes about 2 to 3 minutes…

Third, if you pretend to do any editing, buy DVD-RW. Here in houston, 10 dvds-R are about $10, while 10 dvds-RW are about $20…In my case, i record the video, move the files to my PC, edit them, make a real dvd with the video, erase the dvd and use it again…it saves me a loooot of money.

Oh, and mini-dvd only record about 30 min of HD video…i would guess it is something like one hour (?) of SD video…

Hope i have helped,


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