I opted for this little


I opted for this little camera because I just do not like the fish eye lens of GoPro type action camera’s. Lots of great features in a compact unit. The large screen, zoom & image stability is very good. I have put some early footage on YouTube: “Rolling Thunder Trucking Company”,, I am Interpilot. I plan to do a lot more testing and evaluation of it’s features soon. I also purchased the extra kit with 64gig card, battery etc. + a nice little waterproof Zeikos carry bag. The 64gig memory works fine, but the built in 32gig memory of R62 is a real +. I believe all well worth the price tag. The picture quality is excellent, but I have always had very good luck with Canon camera’s shooting both for fun and professionally. Here a side by side comparison with my HDR FX1. Lots of amazing new technology packed in such a small compact unit. I connected it to my macpro laptop and could immediately begin editing the MP4 video in Final Cut Pro. Although I had some problems importing the higher quality AVCHD format. Hopefully I will get this worked out. Overall I am very pleased and highly recommend this camera ..

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