I only wish I could do 2 c


I only wish I could do 2 cameras. But I am limited to me, myself and I LOL.

It does not have to be great audio as these will be compressed video for web posting. I have considered a small t channel mixer on the camera with a shotgun mic and the music being piped in via wireless. Still a good deal of equipment to be holding in my hand. Look like I should invest in a vest or equipment belt perhaps?

I do hate to spend any more money than I have to (I am doing this without pay – just as a favor, but want it to be decent).

The reason I think I need a mixer is that I won’t have control over the output of the audio system. I could record onto my notebook hard drive the music and mix it into the video later. I am a novice at editing and wonder if tracking would be an issue?

I do appreciate the feedback and help!


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