I once overcame a similar


I once overcame a similar problem [we were shooting inside a ‘haunted house’ and had to be fast as well!] and we ended up using my $10 DC-powered spotlight and my car ‘jumpstart’ battery unit. The unit had a handle and a cigarette-lighter-style DC jack for my spotlight. I held the spotlight and someone else shot. The main problem we had was too much light, so I found a piece of thin drawing paper (onionskin maybe?) and taped it to the front of the light with spare duct tape from my car (I didn’t have any Gaff on me). Worked well for about 2 hours of on and off shooting.

Note: your best power source for real lighting would be an extension cord or two or three. Remember to check the amperage/wattage of the lights and don’t overload any circuits or extension cords.

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