I often shoot sports and o


I often shoot sports and other subjects that have fast
motion. My camera is a Canon HF11. It
has frame rate choices of 24p, 30p and 60i, the p standing for progressive and
the i standing for interlaced. Clearly the faster frame rate is better so 30p
is preferred over 24p, but is 60i better than 30p? Not necessarily since the
second scan in interlaced occurs later possibly resulting in a shifted image.
Also the Canon manual states: “Recordings made with the [PF24], [PF30]
frame rate are converted and recorded on the memory as 60i”. So to help
clarify I carried out the experiment shown in the video by shooting a train
passing in front of the camcorder at about 60-70 mph. In the computer, using
either Adobe Premier Elements or CyberLink PowerDirector the 30p clips show a
single image while the 60i clips show a split image. You can see this in the
freeze frames. However, when uploaded to YouTube the video for 60i is not
split. However, a DVD made from 60i clips show a split image.


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