I often market directly to


I often market directly to the funeral homes, churches, ministers and other officiants, and related service providers. It is much easier and more approachable than, for example, sending a direct-mail piece or making a phone call to individuals … ” So, when you die, if you’d like to preserve the memories of all the wonderful things that are said about you, my video company does funerals.” 😉 People individually aren’t too excited about end-of-life events, or preserving them … until it happens. I know you realize this, but was just trying for a bit of levity.

The primary hurdles in making ANY approach toward providing end-of-life related video services for the above establishments is tenacity, and once you DO break through their initial reluctance to listen to your spiel, then be prepared to be tested … tested for patience, tested for reliability, tested for just about every promise you might make. The family counselors WANT to KNOW you will be there for them no matter when, what time or where, and the only way you’re going to get them is by continually proving you CAN deliver WHEN they need you. In the early stages, slip up just once by not being able to deliver a service or product (memorial montages) and it can be a serious challenge to ever get them to use you again.

I’ve put all my experience into a resource package that has been rated outstanding by several persons who have acquired it. You can find “They Shoot Funerals, Don’t They” at Lulu.com where I offer the most complete funeral and memorial marketing and production resource available. Look it up by title, or by my name Earl Chessher, if curious.

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