I often have to add narra


I often have to add narration/voice-over to my own videos or videos I am hired to produce for others. I’m still with mini-DV and don’t have XLR set ups. ( Actually I have an AKG Perception 100 XLR microphone with a USB adaptor. I tried recording narration directly into the computer–apparently the phantom power through the USB port was not enough as the volume is not enough and it distorts or is too tiny when boosting it enough in post.) The best voice-over I get is with my inexpensive wireless lavaliers. However, the hassle of setting up and recording all the necessary takes on camera and then capturing all this (deleting the unwanted video after capture) is too time consuming. I have been looking at the newer Portable Digital Audio Recorders. My research shows that they will record a voice-over in .wav and have the quality using their on-board mics to simply copy and past to my PC and nle. What a time saver! It also could be used to capture natural and back ground sound. If only I knew if the quality was good enough. I am considering the Sony PCM–D50 ($400 to $500, ouch!), or the more reasonable Tascam DR-1 ($200 to $300). I would like to get some feed back on this approach. I’m tired of buying products that don’t measure up and can’t afford the high end stuff. Recording and capturing voice-overs with a camera is cumbersome and too time consuming if one has to do it often. Has anyone tried the approach I am considering?

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