I now have a new NV-GS230


I now have a new NV-GS230 (lovely 3 CCD miniDV camera). It exhibits similar behaviour. That is, I can record camera sound or tape playback direct-to-disc, but when I am playing back I can’t hear audio on the PC. There is no device listing for the DV audio source in Windows audio devices, but it does appear in my capture software (eg- Windows Media Encoder).

It’s annoying… I’ve upgraded my audio drivers and would be willing to try a utility that could add monitoring so that I may cue to the correct place during capture. As a workaround, I am listening to the camera on headsets. During a live shoot, I am also unable to monitor audio on the PC, though I heard DVRack software can do it.

I am inclined to think that Windows only lists analog sources, those that can accept a volume control. Anyone have additional insights?

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